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Disc Injuries

Are you experiencing relentless, sharp pain that seems to radiate down your limbs? Do you find it challenging to perform routine tasks, such as bending, lifting, or even sitting for extended periods, without enduring nagging, persistent discomfort?

At Varai Med, we understand that living with disc-related pain can be a daily struggle. Under the compassionate care and expertise of our team, we are here to help you achieve a pain-free life, facilitating healing through chiropractic services designed to address and alleviate pains stemming from disc injuries.

We invite you to come in for a free consultation to discuss your condition, and we’ll work together to create a personalized treatment plan that not only alleviates your pain but also helps you regain the active, vibrant lifestyle you deserve.

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Chiropractic Care for Disc Injuries Lawton, OK

Effective Treatment Options For Disc Injuries

Varai Med provides comprehensive chiropractic care services that can greatly benefit individuals suffering from disc injuries.

Our team of experienced chiropractors offers a range of treatments, each of which plays a crucial role in relieving pain and promoting the healing of damaged spinal discs.

Manual Adjustments: Chiropractic manual adjustments are a cornerstone of our disc injury treatment program. By using precise, hands-on techniques, our skilled chiropractors gently manipulate the spine to realign vertebrae and reduce pressure on the affected discs.

This realignment not only eases pain but also enhances the body’s natural ability to heal. Manual adjustments can help restore mobility, reduce muscle tension, and improve overall spinal health, making them a valuable component of disc injury recovery.

Spinal Decompression: Spinal decompression therapy is a non-invasive technique employed by Varai Med to address disc injuries such as herniations or bulges. This method involves the use of specialized equipment that stretches the spine, creating a vacuum effect that encourages the retraction of herniated disc material.

By reducing pressure on the injured disc and increasing nutrient-rich fluids’ flow, spinal decompression can alleviate pain and support the healing process. Patients often experience relief from radiating pain and improved function after a series of spinal decompression sessions.

Shockwave Therapy: This a cutting-edge treatment that can effectively reduce pain and inflammation associated with disc injuries. This therapy employs acoustic waves to stimulate blood flow and enhance the body’s natural healing response. Shockwave therapy can help to break down scar tissue, alleviate muscle tension, and promote tissue regeneration.

By combining this innovative approach with other chiropractic care services, we provide a well-rounded treatment plan tailored to the individual needs of our patients, ensuring they receive the best possible care on their journey to disc injury recovery.

Disc Injuries: Identifying Causes and Symptoms

Disc injuries, such as herniated or bulging discs, can cause significant pain and discomfort in the spine. These injuries typically result from wear and tear on the spinal discs, which act as cushions between the vertebrae, and can be triggered by a variety of factors.

We embrace a chiropractic approach that zeroes in on the very origin of your discomfort, forging a customized roadmap to healing that aims to not just alleviate your symptoms but to foster overall recovery and avert further distress.

Disc Injuries: Identifying Causes and Symptoms

Disc injuries can be caused by various circumstances including abrupt trauma, strain, aging processes, or lifestyle choices such as smoking and physical inactivity. Individuals engaged in heavy lifting or jobs demanding recurrent twisting movements are more susceptible.

Disc Injury Treatments Duncan, OKHere are some common causes and symptoms of disc injuries.


  • Aging: As we get older, the spinal discs naturally degenerate, becoming less flexible and more susceptible to injury.
  • Trauma: Sudden impact or injury to the spine, often from accidents or sports-related activities, can lead to disc injuries.
  • Repetitive Strain: Continuous lifting, bending, or twisting motions can gradually wear down the discs, increasing the risk of injury.
  • Genetics: Some individuals may be genetically predisposed to disc problems due to the inherited structure of their spinal discs.
  • Obesity: Excess body weight can place added stress on the spine, contributing to disc damage.


  • Back Pain: Persistent, localized pain in the lower back or neck is a common symptom of disc injuries.
  • Radiating Pain: Pain can travel to other parts of the body, often down the arms or legs, depending on the location of the injured disc.
  • Numbness and Tingling: Patients may experience numbness or a tingling sensation in the extremities.
  • Muscle Weakness: Weakness in the muscles connected to the affected nerves can occur.
  • Difficulty Moving: Limited range of motion and difficulty bending or twisting the spine are also typical symptoms of disc injuries.

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