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We value our patients' experience at Varai Health Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Trinh Dructor and Dr. Thy Brown
Your Duncan Chiropractor

I have been in intense chronic pain for over a year. Nerve and muscle pain in the hips, buttocks, low back, legs and feet. I have been to many Doctors, Chiropractors, some Physical therapist that have helped! I have not been able to sit, stand, walk very far, or sleep without pain and pain medications. 

Dr. T at Varai Chiropractic suggested a x-ray of my legs and found out I have a short leg. She recommended a specific heel lift and right away I had better walking balance, along with other therapy and adjustment weekly in just a few weeks I am almost pain free! It was to painful to wear my new orthotics and now I am able to wear them almost everyday. I am off medications and only use them occasionally!

Thank you Dr. T and Varai Staff for giving me my life back!

Ginger Berry 

I have suffered from chronic and severe neck and shoulder pain, which resulted in headches for many years. I have sought treatments from many sources, including pain management doctors who prescribed very strong narcotics and muscle relaxers (which gave no relief and were discontinued).

I sought relief through several years of epidural steroid injections which gave temporary relief, but had undesirable side effects, such as reduction in bone density over long-term use and risk of infection, hemorrhaging and even partial paralysis. In addition to risks, it is temporary and expensive.

I am married to a wonderful man who is a medical physician who thankfully sees the merit in natural, alternative healthcare.

I cannot express my pure delight and relief at the spportunity to have Dr. Thy apply her "needling" technique at Varai Health Center in Duncan, OK, to see if it would bring me the desired pain relief without the side effects of drugs and expense and risk of medical procedures.

The needling procedure was very quick (less than 15 minutes) performed in the office. It was painless and the effect was almost immediate!! The extreme tightness and throbbing in my shoulder had eased immensely before I even left the office, and continued to do so throughout the day. By the end of the day, I can honestly say the pain I had earlier that day in my shoulder was gone by that evening!!

I would recommend Varai Health Center to everyone as a way to ensure a healthy, pain-free body that starts with proper alignment of your spine. You will be welcomed by a warm, knowledgeable staff from the moment you walk in; and that carries through you entire treatment process. I would specifically recommend needling to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

Kathy Jones

I had migraines for 16+ years before coming to Varai. The migraines I had were happening almost every single day. I was unable to perform normal daily tasks, missed work often, and most importantly missed time with my family. Migraine treatments with Delisa and regular adjustments have helped tremendously decreasing my migraines to one or two every 3-6 months. The staff at Varai is incredible! Every single person here truly cares about the patients and the health of that patient. You couldn't find a better, more caring group of people!

Denisa Reynolds

I began coming to Varai for aches and pains in my shoulder, hip, and legs. I had shoulder tightness and some pain since have surgery 2 years ago. Back pain lingering for almost 40 years. My aches and pains were slowing me down with my daily routine. I like to walk, but when my back hurts and affects my sciatic nerve in my right leg I did not feel like walking. After receiving treatment from Varai I felt great! The care helped relieve my pain in all areas I had trouble in. I am impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. They always make me feel like family!

Kaye Starkey

I first came into Varai for back and neck pain. Tradition medicines were no helping. I had back and neck problems for about 5 years. It was affecting me in ways where some daily tasks i had completely stopped doing them. Other things i just had to work through the pain. After treatment at Varai I am able to move around with little or no pain,I can wrestle with my kids, do all the things I stopped doing, and now have more energy and less pain! Everyone who works there just makes you feel special and welcomed. I look forward to every appointment! There are a million reasons to sing the praises of Varai! I love you guys!

Kimberly Patterson

Dear Varai Team,

Several years ago, I was put on BP meds, then a few years later, chloesterol meds. Both light doeses, but my doctor told me that if I kepts going the way I was, the doses would keep increasing. I needed to lose weight. So, I started to exercise and watched how much I ate. You'll notice a key phrase there...."how much I ate", not what I was eating.

After several months and another check up showing I wasn't gaining much ground, I was about ready to give up and just let the doctor medicate me some more. Then, my wife was talking to her yoga teacher, LoAnne Wade, about some of the difficulties I was having. LoAnne suggested that I should go to VaraiHealth and talk to Dr. Trinh Bender there to see if she could help me.

After some discussion and going to the website, I decided that maybe Dr. Trinh had some advice I could use. So, I made an appointment and went in. After examining me and looking at some of my bloodword results, Dr. Trinh came up with a plan tailored for me.

My treatment consisted of a Purification program to clear the toxins out of my boyd. During this, she gave me a new course for eathing that would put me "on the mend". It took some self- discipline, but it has been well worth it. I've lose some 22 lbs (according to my PCP), my energy levels are up, I'm sleeing better and I'm now off all my medications. My BP is normalizing, as are my blood glucose levels and cholesterol. My PCP was very pleased and told me that I needed to keep on doing what I was doing. I would recommend that anyone who ahs problems with fatigue, weight, blood pressure, cholesterl, etc., go see Dr. Trinh. She can help.

One last thing, I want to thank Dr. Trinh and her staff. They have been with me the whole way and have gone the extra mile to help me be successful with the program. I'm looking forward to continuing what I've started and with their help, I see nothing but success in the future.


Gary Scarber

I attended a weight loss seminar at Varai with some friends. I was very impressed with Dr. Trinh's knowledge, and what she had to say made perfect sense to me. Not only did she address weight loss, but she also showed a correlation between weight loss and several other related health topics such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

I decided to do the total body detox for the three weeks. I was amazed to watch the pounds melting away...a total of 14 pounds lost during the three weeks!! In addition, my cholesterol dropped from 242 to 119.

I was absolutely astounded. I was able to exercise harder with no joint pain. My knees and hips no longer ached; they no longer got stiff when I sat down. I have changed the way I eat, and I feel so much better. My friends and I are training for a 5K this spring. So far, I have lost 22.5 pounds...and I'm loving it!!

Kristin Clinkenbeard

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in early 1998 and that began my battle with pain and weight gain. Who can diet when you are in so much pain nothing else matters? My body had betrayed me. I was an energetic athletic person before fibromyalgia. With fibromyalgia, everything changed. I couldn't work, energy was gone. What became normal for me was pain, no stamina, and no energy. And even worse, my intestinal tract "turned" on me too. I would have up to 12 explosive diarrhea stools a day. I couldn't go anywhere without knowing where the nearest restroom was. I'd go to Walmart and have to go to the restroom on arrival and again before leaving.

I saw Dr. Trinh Bender at the Womens' Symposium this past May. During my appointment, and after reading my paperwork, Dr. Trinh said, "I cannot heal you but I can help you. Have faith and be patient." Afterwards, she put me on her diet.

The diet is fairly simple: no flour, no sugar. And a 21 day purification. I started the purifacation June 1st. Since then I've lost 32 pounds! And better yet, no diarrhea! For the first time in 13 years I do not have diarrhea! for the first time in 13 years I have hope. My energy is slowly improving, my pain is much more controlled (as opposed to its controlling me), my PCP is very happy with my lab results and told me I look better than ever.

Since coming to Varai my life has turned around! Instead of existing, I feel like a life participant.

Thank you, Dr. Trinh.

Patti Peacock

This is a testimonial from a 63 year old woman who has met success on the Standard Purification program with Dr. Bender. In late July, 2011, I presented with a history of yo-yo dieting (I have lost the same 30-50 pounds several times since age 40), was at least 50 pounds overweight, addicted to cokes and candy bars, with complaints of arthritis, bursitis, IBS, fibrocystic breasts, borderline diabetes, and blepharitis, etc. I was a mess in need of intervention! According to Dr. Bender’s testing, I scored high on sugar handling, biliary and liver dysfunction, digestive and endocrine hypothyroid. My goals were to lose weight and be healthier, have more energy so that I could enjoy retirement more fully, and, especially, to enjoy my 1 year old granddaughter and watch her grow up.

I started the first detox on August 2, 2011. I admit the first few days were difficult but I was determined to persevere and by having the right foods and snacks prepared ahead of time I made it through the 21 days and lost 10 pounds. The program was easy to follow and by eating every 2 hours I never felt hungry. I learned to love brown rice and lentils! I enjoyed the daily emails and recipes.

I finished my second detox in December and have now lost 38 pounds! The most beneficial results are: more energy, better sleep, much less fibrocystic tissue, arthritis is much improved, bursitis is gone, IBS flare-ups are rare and blood sugar is normal. Since I had no digestive issues while on detox (which is sugar-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free), I discovered that I probably have been lactose-intolerant and sensitive to gluten all my life and did not know it. I drink only coconut milk now and rarely eat bread and even then only Ezekiel bread.

I recommend this program to anyone who wants to lose weight, be healthier, have more energy, and hopefully live longer. We are so lucky to have Dr. Bender in Duncan. The combination of services that she offers is unique and like none other I have ever known.

Ann Ahern

My first visit to Varai was due to sciatic pain that was being caused by muscle tightness. I had had this kind of pain for one to two months before I visited, and this pain was affecting tasks such as walking, exercising, and working. Sometimes, this pain made these actions impossible to perform.

After a few weeks of chiropractic core and trigger point injections that I had received at Varai, a noticeable amount of pain was already eliminated. Subsequent mild flare-ups in my muscles were also eliminated with further adjustments and dry needling therapy. 

What impressed me the most about Varai was the variety of treatments available and the fantastic care that staff has for patients; it was unlike anything I had encountered at any other clinic! Without Varai, I know that I would still be in pain constantly, and my activities would be limited. With the help of Varai, I can perform daily workouts as normal and complete daily tasks without pain!

Morgan Smith

Before my first visit to Varai, I was suffering from sciatic pain on my left side with two bulging discs in my leg. I had tried to deal with this pain for four and a half years. This type of pain would cause my leg to go numb or have a "buzzing" type of feeling. It made it hard for me to sleep; when I did fall asleep, I woke up constantly throughout the night. Enough was enough!

I had decided to visit Varai to find a solution. It was a fantastic decision! After only a few treatments with Dr. Trinh, I had began feeling sensation in my leg that I had not felt in four and a half years! The "buzzing" feeling began to happen less frequently or would completely stop. This resulted in me getting better rest and feeling much better!

Everything was so impressive about Varai! The short amount of time it took for me to get better was great, the staff was friendly and organized, and everyone really listens. I absolutely love Varai!

Jana Rannberg

I had experienced sharp pain in my right shoulder for about two weeks, and the pain was increasing rapidly. I was not able to lift my arm over my head or pick up heavy objects. Simple tasks were becoming extremely difficult and painful!

The day that I called Varai, they gave me an appointment. They worked on my shoulder which immediately relieved some of the pressure as well as helped extend my range of motion. After receiving the dry needling procedure on my second visit, I had almost the full range of motion back. The willingness to help with my shoulder almost instantaneously and all the great staff make Varai make my experience great!

Caleb Cavany

I had been fighting constant neck and hip pain for several years before I decided to go to Varai. This pain would prevent me from doing my daily activities without pain. I had been to several different places and Varai has helped my more than any of the others! Dr. Thy and Dr. Trinh knew how to treat many different types of pain as well as every other pain that I myself had experienced. 

Billy Bowden

I first came to Varai because I major pain in my neck, shoulder and down my right arm. This pain had persisted for about two months; I was unable to lift or move my arm in certain directions. 

The care I received at Varai reduced my constant pain. I have been dealing with sciatic pain for over 20 years, and they were able to relieve the pain in one visit! I am able to function in daily life without constant pain. The dry needling helped the pain immediately. 

Everyone at Varai was so friendly. The staff goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable, they are caring, and they genuinely want to make sure that their care works for each individual. They make me feel that I am important from the time I enter the door until I leave. 

Rhonda Archer


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  • "Varai has changed my life!!!!!"
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